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Our Location

We have multiple practices around Sydney Australia so it’s best to confirm with your surgeon where to go before heading in. Our main administration office is
Level 1, 350 George St, Sydney, 2000


Our practices are all booking orientated businesses so make sure you call and book an appointment before heading in. We are extremely helpful and can answer most questions over the phone so contact us immediately.

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02 8318 1607

Our extremely friendly staff are waiting to assist you in any questions you might have.

Welcome to Sydney Breast Implants

We’re Sydney’s premier breast augmentation clinic. We have a higher customer satisfaction rating overall when compared with any of our competitors in the Sydney metro area. Our customized solutions are inherently better when it comes to efficacy, and our patients only have access to industry-vetted implants with the highest levels of safety and quality.

What makes us different than our competition? An attention to detail pervades everything that we do. When the time comes to be wheeled into the operating room to go under the knife, you know that you’ll be in good hands with Sydney Breast Implants.

“After living my life unsatisfied with my breast size and shape, I finally decided to seek out professional augmentation. As a Sydney resident, I was happy to find a clinic that had empathetic surgeons who didn’t judge me or condescend me. I felt safe and relaxed during the whole process.”
– Sue Bell

“The more I like me, the less I want to pretend to be other people.”

— Jamie Lee Curtis

About us

The obvious question you are asking yourself is why should you choose us? Well here’s why.

  • #1 procedure in our practice of breast implants
  • We complete the most breast implants in Sydney
  • We only use the highest quality of breast implants
  • Accredited medical facilities
  • We are the top surgeons in Sydney
  • Our reviews speak for themselves
  • We deliver natural, exceptional and proportionate results
  • Implant tracking and follow up
  • Experts in breast revision surgery
  • Great bedside manner

Meet Our Doctors

  • Breast Augmentation

    Dr. Sarah Smith

       9 years experience

    Sarah has been a leading breast surgeon for over 20 years…

  • Breast Revitalisation

    Dr. Kate Gillis

       12 years experience

    James is a leading surgeon for all things of breast implantations

  • Anesthesiologist

    Dr. Henry Andrews

       16 years experience

    Henry is a Australia wide Anesthesiologist expert
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