With the lowest rates in the industry, it’s no wonder people choose our business before the competition!

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We are constantly keep our competitors on watch to ensure that we maintain much fairer rates. We provide weekly updates to our data to keep our customers fully informed of how much they can expect to pay for our service compared to the nearest priced competitor.

Positive reviews

Since bringing our business onto the Internet, we’ve accumulated positive reviews from verified customers across many platforms. We have received a large number of positive reviews on our website, Yelp, and other platforms for comments and criticism.


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Most people believe they cannot afford cosmetic surgery, and that cosmetic surgeries are reserved only for the wealthy, famous, and connected. This is simply not true! We provide affordable options to our customers without compromising on quality. Our experience and connections in the industry help us reduce essential costs so that we can charge our customers unprecedented rates.

We work closely with customers without coverage to create affordable payment plans to allow them to finance their dream body without going broke. You should never have to deny yourself the confidence and improvement in body image that breast enhancement surgery gives you simply because you cannot afford it.

The best way to get a fast estimate is to contact our company directly through the phone or by using our digital support form. We’ll get back in contact with you quickly to answer any and all questions about pricing!

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